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For any movie buff, a dedicated entertainment room with a nice big screen TV and a good sound system is the ultimate dream.  With such a room, all that would be needed then for an ultimate movie experience in your own home would be a popcorn machine – but of course even ‘ordinary’ microwave popcorn would do.

driftwood-coffee-tableFind a suitable place for your TV, mounted against a wall or using an entertainment center. Place the TV in such a way that there is no glare from any windows.

Figure out the right placement for your sub-woofer and satellite speakers. The best placement for your sub-woofer is often in a corner while your sound system’s satellite speakers should go on stands.

You should place them equally apart on the left and ride side of the TV, the sound directed towards your seating area. Your back speakers can be on stands as well but they can also be mounted on the walls.

You may also want to look into a comfortable couch and coffee table. I myself am a big fan of everything marine, I like the ambiance of being in a holiday home near a beach.

For my own entertainment room I was looking into furniture made from natural materials such as stone, coral or wood. I am particular fond of driftwood furniture so I was looking into getting a console table and coffee table from natural driftwood. This one had the right height and the price was also reasonable. It matches beautifully with all the other marine-themed accessories in my entertainment room. My wife even pressed me to get more driftwood accessories such as a driftwood lamp which we placed in one corner of the room.

I am very satisfied and proud that our entertainment room is really unique and has it’s very own flair. If you’re as much into natural living like I am, I recommend you go to this site and check those amazing furniture pieces out.



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According to an article over at the BBC, the US drama Fargo will return for a second series but with a brand new cast.  The shows first season received many awards, including 18 Emmy nominations and best TV mini-series and best actor for both Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman.

But the network, FX network said in a public statement that none of the old cast will be returning for the next season of the show.

The network’s CEO,  John Landgraf: “It is a new cast of actors, which is kind of heartbreaking from my standpoint given how much I loved the actors.”

The second season is expected to air later in 2015, at the earliest.

FX network says it hopes filming will take place in Canada again.

While the scripts are already in progress, more details about the show’s new season are not known yet.



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Visiting the races on any of the three great horse race tracks here where I live has always been a great passion of mine. I don’t think I am different to many of my buddies here because all of them, with one exception, are also very much into horse racing.

But if you think now that I won a lot already because I used to go to the races since I was little you would be wrong.

In fact, I spent at least two decades enjoying the races but did never really care about winning.

The times I bet and won some cash had always been offset by days where I lost again. So you could say that generally speaking I didn’t lose but didn’t win anything either.

But this was about t change four years ago.

This is when I met Henry, a new co-worker. He was the one telling me about horse racing tips, how to find those who really work and not fall for the many scams out there.

Since he told me (repeatedly) that he was just at the races “this last weekend” and came back with a stash of money, new clothes, a new car even I obviously didn’t doubt that what he told me was solid.

He was the one introducing me to the Horse Racing Pro, one of those British betting professionals where horse racing enthusiasts can get horse racing tips that really work. This was the same source where Henry had his tips from.

To make a long story short, three years ago I started to use his betting advice for horse racing. And literally from one week to the other, my luck entirely changed because I started to win considerably more often than in the previous twenty years. I told myself had I known about those horse racing tips before I might be a rich man now, so obviously I wished I had known about the Horse Racing Pro some years earlier already.

I want to recommend those betting tips to anyone who is as much into the races as I am. I mean horse racing is great and exciting, but when you start winning it gets even better, no doubt!