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As if it weren’t challenging enough already to find a decent fitness studio in East London which still values customer service and quality, the quest can get even more challenging if you’re looking for a gym that also offers Yoga classes.

yoga-classesI’m not talking about just at any type of Yoga classes, I’m talking about a class where the trainer really knows their stuff.

I don’t know how often I had impression that the so-called “yoga trainer” didn’t really know a lot besides what folks could read from a book anyway.

When I go to a yoga class it’s really very important to me that the trainer has several years of first-hand experience with yoga. And finding such a gym today can really be quite a struggle, especially in East London.

I’m glad that I listened to Mia’s advice to check into London Fields Fitness here in Hackney. What can I say, I’m very happy with them! Whether it’s their friendly folks who always help me with my routines and then especially their very competent and friendly yoga trainers – I absolutely can’t complain and his is why I can highly recommend them to you!

Even if yoga in London Fields shouldn’t be your thing, London Fields Fitness has a lot more classes such as if you want to lose weight, various martial arts classes and many more. If you ask me, those classes are a lots more fun than just going to the gym!



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camping in SpainNow it’s May again and the next bank holidays are just around the corner!

Pretty much every weekend, once the weather is getting nice there are all types of festivals going on in our area, like the Brighton Festival that will be held this coming weekend.

Most of those events last a couple of days and longer which means that staying at such a place is always the best option if you want to enjoy the entire festival from the start to the finale.

This is why I think that getting your own camper van is probably best thing you can do if you loveĀ  festivals as much as I do.

You don’t need a fully fledged luxury camper van (of course you can get one if you want to spend the money), but for such short-term trips even a basic camper is normally more than sufficient! To be honest, what can be better than knowing that you will have a cozy bed where you can spend the next couple of nights without having to spend a fortune on overpriced bed and breakfasts at those festival spots. The best thing about camping is that I can get up in the morning to brawl my cuppa since virtually any camper today of course has a kitchen area as well. Nothing’s worse than getting up in the morning and first having to go to a restaurant for your coffee or tea!

Aside from the many short-term “holidays”where I go to festivals all over the United Kingdom, my own camper is more than suitable if I want to spend a week or two further away. There are just ideal if you are a singer or a couple and want to go to Italy or Spain for a great holiday. It’s just so much better to stay away from all those crowded tourist places since you can go anywhere you want to with a camper van.

For me, camping is the best way to make holidays whether it is for any of the nearby events for a weekend or for my next trip to Spain! If you find a good, reliable place to rent a van there won’t be anything in the way of a great holiday!



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If you’re looking for some really cool and unique entertainment for a wedding reception or corporate event I have a tip for you! Instead of getting a music band or a DJ, you should definitely consider to book the singing waiters! Best, if you book them in addition to your ordinary party entertainment!

Now, you might be wondering who the singing waiters are. Let me explain to you.

The Singing Waiters

The Singing Waiters

The singing waiters are surprise musicians. They’re called that way because they’re normally in disguise which means nobody at the party knows they’re actually there.

Normally, the singing waiters are dressed like waiters but they can also come to your event looking like security personal or cooks.

The fun thing is that none will suspect anything, your guests think those are normal waiters. Until of course it’s time for their amazing performance. Usually, this starts with an act or something like that where they draw anyone’s attention first.

And as soon as anyone is distracted and wondering what’s going on they will start with their show!

All of the singing waiters are professionally trained and you can take my word for it, it shows! Those guys are amazing. They can perform all kinds of music and songs whether you want it classy or whether you want them singing the latest pop songs. The singing waiters will normally also always involve your guests in their show, like make them sing or dance with them. You can bet that this will turn any dull party into a crazy event that no one will ever forget!

If you’re in the UK and want some really cool wedding and corporate entertainment, you have to look into getting the singing waiters! Believe me that surprise music like those guys do is a lot more fun as compared to a DJ or wedding band. It’s also fantastic if you own a company and want to really impress your guests!



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Monarch Airlines is launching a new streaming service for its passengers! The airline now offers the MPlayer in-flight entertainment system that will allow you to see movies, TV shows, newspapers and magazines from your very own mobile.


Monarch’s New Streaming Service Is Now Available

All you need to do to take advantage of this service is to download the specific MPlayer app onto your iOS or Android (Kindle Fire works too) smartphone or tablet before boarding and you’re all set to stream content right onto your mobile device.

The airline also installed tablet holders onto the rear of its non-reclining seats.With them you can holster your tablet, a great idea if you need some hands free for eating or drinking while on the plane.

You can read more about Monarch’s new streaming service over at Techradar.



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Visiting the races on any of the three great horse race tracks here where I live has always been a great passion of mine. I don’t think I am different to many of my buddies here because all of them, with one exception, are also very much into horse racing.

But if you think now that I won a lot already because I used to go to the races since I was little you would be wrong.

In fact, I spent at least two decades enjoying the races but did never really care about winning.

The times I bet and won some cash had always been offset by days where I lost again. So you could say that generally speaking I didn’t lose but didn’t win anything either.

But this was about t change four years ago.

This is when I met Henry, a new co-worker. He was the one telling me about where you can get horse racing tips and how not fall for the many scams out there.

Since he told me (repeatedly) that he was just at the races “this last weekend” and came back with a stash of money, new clothes, a new car even I obviously didn’t doubt that what he told me was solid.

He was the one introducing me to the Horse Racing Pro, one of those British betting professionals where horse racing enthusiasts can get horse racing tips that really work. This was the same source where Henry had his tips from.

To make a long story short, three years ago I started to use his betting advice for horse racing. And literally from one week to the other, my luck entirely changed because I started to win considerably more often than in the previous twenty years. I told myself had I known about those horse racing tips before I might be a rich man now, so obviously I wished I had known about the Horse Racing Pro some years earlier already.

I want to recommend those betting tips to anyone who is as much into the races as I am. I mean horse racing is great and exciting, but when you start winning it gets even better, no doubt!